Chak Fu Lam教授(City University of Hong Kong)学术讲座——“Say It as It Is” or “Beat Around the Bush”? Consequences of Voice Directness, Voice



报告题目:“Say It as It Is” or “Beat Around the Bush”? Consequences of Voice Directness, Voice Politeness, and Credibility on Managerial Endorsement



报告人:Chak Fu Lam

报告人简介:Dr. Chak Fu Lam ( is an assistant professor of management at the City University of Hong Kong. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business. His research focuses on voice behavior, with a particular focus on how employees speak up and how managers respond to voice. Dr. Lam has published in the leading management journals including Academy of Management Review, Journal of Applied Psychology, and Journal of Organizational Behavior, among others.

报告摘要:Should employees “say it as it is” and communicate change-oriented ideas in a direct manner to their managers, or should they “beat around the bush” in the hope that their manager will be less defensive and will endorse their idea subsequently? Across two field studies and one experimental study, we find converging evidence that being direct and explicit about change-oriented suggestions is associated with more frequent managerial endorsement. Moreover, consistent with research on social judgment, the association between voice directness and managerial endorsement is stronger when sources are polite and credible, polite and noncredible, or impolite but credible. In contrast, voice directness is not related to managerial endorsement when the sources are both impolite and noncredible. We discuss the implications of these findings, as well as limitations of the study and directions for future research.