Topology-parametric optimization of lattice composite fuselage designs and Multipoint Approximation Method (MAM) for engineering optimization



题目:Topology-parametric optimization of lattice composite fuselage  designs and Multipoint Approximation Method (MAM) for engineering  optimization

报告人:Dianzi LiuUniversity of East Anglia副教授)





In recent years, environmental and economic issues force aircraft  designers to minimize weight and costs to keep air transport competitive and  safe. Topology optimization, a finite element based structural optimization  process, is increasingly used by engineers to support the development of minimum  weight structures. In my talk, topology optimization of aircraft fuselage  section is performed in order to provide a scientific basis for finding a  rational structural layout. The results of topology optimization suggest that  the lattice layout for the barrel is an efficient design with respect to weight  and structural performance. This provides a backing to the specific choice of  the preliminary design concept. Following that, the investigation of the effect  of the window pitch on the conceptual design is performed.

The other basic ingredient of my talk is the Multipoint Approximation  Method (MAM) for engineering design optimization. Its capability to efficiently  solve the medium-scale, mixed continuous-discrete engineering optimization  problems is compared against GA. The potential of this metamodel based  optimization technique will be demonstrated via the benchmark example of the  ten-bar truss structure.


Dr Dianzi Liu is an Associate Professor in Engineering Division at  the University of East Anglia (UEA), UK. In 2010, he received his PhD in  Mechanical Engineering in the University of Leeds (UK) sponsored by Overseas  Research Scholarship (ORS) Scheme. Dr. Liu was awarded the runner-up prize in  the ISSMO-Springer Prize competition in 2009 and has published more than 30  technical papers since 2010. His current research interests include Composite  Aerostructures, Simulation and Optimization Driven Designs, Implementation and  Application of Optimization Techniques, and Energy Utilisation. He is a reviewer  for Engineering Optimization, J. of Structural Multidisciplinary Optimization,  Computers& Structures. Dr. Liu is a Member of IET, AIAA, and ISSMO. He is PI  and Co-I for many projects sponsored by EPSRC, Airbus, Rolls-Royce, and EU PF7.  In 2016, he was a recipient of Short-term Recruitment Program of Professional  Scholars established by National Laboratory of Aerospace.